Pediatric Hand Surgery

Pediatric Hand Surgery

How your Houston doctor can help your child

Little Girl CheckupYour child may need hand surgery for a variety of reasons including accidents or broken bones. Your child may also need hand surgery for a congenital hand problem, that is, a hand problem occurring at birth. Dr. Barbara Wilson of Wilson Hand Surgery in Houston, TX wants you to know that whatever the cause of your child’s hand problem, she is there to help with a wide array of surgical services to help your child.

In addition to traumatic injuries, Dr. Wilson also treats conditions involving tendons and ligaments, such as trigger thumb. Trigger thumb is caused by a thickened area on a tendon preventing the tendon from functioning smoothly and normally. Thumbs can “trigger” or lock in a bent position. Dr. Wilson can treat trigger thumb by surgically enlarging the area around the tendon, called the tendon sheath. This allows the tendon to move smoothly and normally, releasing the thumb for normal movement.

At Wilson Hand Surgery, Dr. Wilson is an expert at treating chronic disease conditions like juvenile arthritis. Treatment focuses on controlling pain, relieving inflammation and improving quality of life through medication, physical therapy and healthy eating.

If your child has a congenital hand condition, Dr. Wilson has a full range of surgical treatments available. These are just some of the congenital hand conditions she treats:

  • Webbed fingers or syndactyly--caused by incomplete finger separation at birth, resulting in a “webbed” look. Dr. Wilson can surgically separate your child’s fingers and use skin grafts to cover areas in between the fingers.
  • Extra fingers or polydactyly--one of the most common congenital hand conditions results in an extra finger. Dr. Wilson can surgically remove the extra finger and reconstruct the hand, if necessary.
  • Missing fingers or symbrachydactyly--caused from fingers not developing completely during the second month of pregnancy. Dr. Wilson may suggest surgery using bone grafts to stabilize the fingers.

For more information on pediatric hand surgery treatments or to make an appointment, please call Dr. Wilson of Wilson Hand Surgery in Houston, TX at (832) 530-4081. Call today and get some help for your child’s hand problem!

For more information on pediatric hand surgery in the Houston, TX area, call (832) 530-4081 to schedule a consultation.